“Hidup hanya ada erti pada yang bahagia.”


31 Oktober 2011

Godek entri post setahun lepas jumpe ni what I've done to Encik suami setahun lepas. Haha tak sangka, alhamdulillah. time besde tahun lepas, we as closefriend and now we as husband-wife.

31 Oktober 2012

SweetTwenty ;)
Le Present.
Le dinner

And the last; Le beloved husband with touching eye :3



 | Umar said to a man who was thinking of divorcing her wife. 
-Why do you want to divorce her?"
-He said, "I don't love her"
-Umar said, "Must every house be built on love? What about loyalty and appreciation?"

(al-bayan wa at-Tabayeen 2/101)

note; | The best wife is the one who knows how to create harmony in her marriage and strikes a balance between obeying and respecting her husband and expressing her own strong personality.|